Baltimore, Maryland

  1. Again, decide if you want to be a member to take advantage of the reduced hourly rate?
  2. Use the "Appointlet Booking Button" below, select your date and "start time" for the booking duration you would like only. (Yes, this is new and more accurate.)
    1. This process will also collect your "Membership or Non-membership" deposit payment as well through PayPal.
  3. ​If you do not see the date and times you need, visit our friends at

Please Note: Your Start time is when you arrive, and your Stop time is when you have left the studio. Please allow break down time, and closing conversation time in your rental time you requested to avoid additional fees.

With the "Appointlet" scheduling service, you will get a confirmation email and some reminders. The email and reminders are also where you can "Reschedule" your appointment "BEFORE" your booking start time. (You can call us directly as well if you can't find it.) There are no refunds, but reschedule as needed. 

Please Note: Book with us and it is understood that if you break or damage it, you are responsible to replace it with a new one within 48 hours. And it's strongly suggested you should carry your own liability insurance for you and your guest protection!

Skyloft F Studio Rental Rates

Skyloft F Studio Tour

  • Members: $25/hr
  • Non-Member: $40/hr

With a two hour booking minimum.

Skyloft F Rental Studio "Memberships"


At checkout, we accept PayPal and all major Credit/Debit cards. You do not need to have PayPal account to use this service. Use the Guest Option!

Mobil or smart phone users, if you are booking with us on your phone you must use Stripe  at check out.

If you use the PayPal option we "will not" see your booking request!!!!! If you forget this, call or email us ASAP!

If you do not receive a confirmation email from Appointlet and you do not see your booking on our calendar,

YOU ARE NOT BOOKED WITH Skyloft F Rental Studio!

Skyloft F Rental Studio Bookings

  • $15/Month for one year (must have a PayPal account.)
  • $150/Annual ($30 savings)
  • Your membership will result in an hourly rental rate of $25/hr 
    • Non-membership rate is $40/hr
  • ​Become a member by clicking here.

The Skyloft F Rental Studio

First Monday's of the month we open our doors from 6pm - 8pm for future studio renters looking for a "Studio Tour" to see what supporting equipment/props we have.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the only "Free Studio Tour" date and times we offer. (But also look for our free networking events as well.) 

But you can book a Skyloft F "Studio Tour" for $15 using our booking option by clicking here, or by using the Appointlet Booking button below. You an book a "Studio Tour" anytime that suits your schedule.