The Skyloft F Rental Studio

Rent me!

There are many times for big and special projects we rent equipment from one of these resources. Clients have had their order shipped to the studio, or they have picked it up on the way in.

Contact us with your questions.

When working out of Skyloft F Rental Studio, all your equipment and props are included in your hourly fee. So you can use our equipment, your own, or mix and match while working in Skyloft F.

Please Note: None of our in-house rentals can be removed from the studio for use.

Have a camera issue? Or just want to rent our used Nikon D700 ($35) for your upcoming Skyloft F Rental? Book the D700 and use it with your Nikon lenses or with our Nikkor 24-85mm lens for the duration of your rental. ($15) Just leave a comment in the booking form details area requesting it.

Studio Equipment

And that goes for our film shooters as well. Rent our used Mamiya 645AF medium format camera with our 55mm, 80mm, 150mm and a polaroid back. (User Manual.) Just bring your 120 rolls of film. And don't forget your polaroid film. ($50) Just leave a comment in the booking form details area requesting it.

Use it to test your photography skills. ;) 

Rent me!

Equipment Rental:

Baltimore, Maryland