Skyloft F Booking Page


Booking Steps:

  • Bookings are done online 24/7 only with a 8-hour minimum notice.

    • Check our calendar first here.​

    • Select the proper service below (Member, Non-Member, Business Member, Photography, etc.)

  • Select the Month, day, and arrival time.

    • Book what you need, from arrival time to walking out our studio door. Read that again!

      • If you are more than 20 minute from leaving its a 30 minute charge.

    • If you are not a Studio Member, DO NOT book as a member. There is an additional $10 admin fee for your mistake!​

      • Don't know if you are a member? Do you pay the studio a monthly fee with a credit or debit card? No? Then you are not a member. ​


Whats included:

  • Studio lights, modifiers, wireless triggers, cloth backgrounds, props in the studio.

    • Just bring your camera, lenses, and clients/subjects to shoot. ​

Additional Charges:

  • Paper background use if you walk on it.

    • $15 for Members​

    • $25 for Non-Members

  • Thrown Chairs​

    • See rental furniture here.​

  • Leaving late.​

  • Breaking anything.

  • Damage to the cyclorama wall. ($500 and up) No, we are not kidding.

  • Booking the studio as a Member, and you are not a Member ($10 additional charge.)


Please select one of the four booking options!

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