Furniture Props for rent

Rent what you need from Skyloft Galleries for the duration of your Studio Rental.

  1. Book the studio first!

  2. Review and decide on the items you want to rent during your booking.

  3. Click the Skyloft Galleries Payment page here or fill out the form below.

    1. Fill out the form and total your payment, and then pay for your total furniture rental using the blue "Pay With Card" button on the form.

  4. Remember:

    1. In the Reservation Number field put 3701.

    2. In the "Event Date" field specify the "Studio Booking Date" you booked with  Skyloft F Rental Studio Booking.

    3. And please give us 8-12 hours of notice, so book ahead of time. Waiting the day of... the item may be booked already elsewhere.

    4. PLEASE EMAIL US the furniture you paid for with copy of receipt, and when you need it. We will not know unless you show us!


Complete white thrown set: $125


White Queen Thrown Chair: $50


White King Thrown Chair: $50


White love seat: $35


White Foot stools: $15/ea