The Skyloft F Membership

We offer two "Monthly Membership" options:

  • $25/Month gives you the opportunity to book the studio at the $35/hr membership rate. There is a two hour booking minimum. No exceptions.

  • $250/Month gives you 15 hours of studio time a month ($225/month savings.)

    • This option gives you:

      • Use of our mailing address for your business.

      • This membership type includes available hanging background paper use.

  • You must be a member of this web site to take advantage of both of these offers. 

    • Click "LogIn" above on this page to become a member of this web site, its free and it's how you reschedule studio bookings when needed. Plus other conveniences. 

  • Both membership offers gives you access to all lighting equipment available and free use of our large format printer at no additional costs outside of the normal print costs.​

This option is good for anyone needing a hourly creative space; Makeup Artist, Models, Designers, Photographers, Trainers (including fitness instructors,) Videographers, etc,.

Sign Up for your Monthly Membership with PayPal Below 


The services is only for folks who understand this is an annually contract, you will be billed MONTHLY Not just one month! Contact us at anytime if you do wish to cancel this membership after 3-months!

For those who sign up for this service, and then report to PayPal you have an unauthorized transaction, well we hope you are not that type person and you love using our studio.


So please think before signing up for this monthly service!

Again: This is a monthly fee that will be taken out of your account. You may email us to say stop the membership after three months.