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Skyloft F Photography Competition

Art Gallery



Since COVID hit, we have been without many things we may have taken for granted. For some of us the "Art In The City Magazine" annual art show is one we have missed since 2019. 

So let's have a competition that keeps us creating, and show folks what you have created in our studio every quarter.  

Short version, IT's FREE to enter image(s) created in Skyloft F Rental Studio. (Either on Bank Street, or our new 1 N.Haven Street location.)


One winner will get 4-hours of free studio time to use all at once or two 2-hour sessions. Thats a $340 value for a half-day in the studio!

  • You can submit up to 4-images in any category or categories.

    • Use one form per category, you can submit work in multiple categories.​

    • Each participant can submit a MAX of four images each quarter!

  • You must include the details of the shot. Details that include what you used to create it. 

    • Camera used​

    • Lens used

    • Aperture

    • Shutter speed

    • ISO

    • Workflow (CaptureOne, LightRoom, Photoshop, etc.)

  • Identify all team members who helped you create it.

    • Creative Designer

    • Makeup artist​

    • Muse

    • Photographer Assistant/Capture Assistant

  • Any missing information will disqualify you. 

The categories are:


PLEASE NOTE: You will notice there are many definitions of commercial and product photography that have similarities. Do not get hung up on it! Just like Artistic Nude Photography, it can go in commercial or portrait categories depending on the intent of the shot.

How to get your images to qualify, please read:

A good image to us is one that has good light, exposure, subject matter and composition. That also has detail in the highlights and shadow areas in the image.

The image is also finished as if ready to hang on the wall or be published in a magazine now. So make sure the submitted image is some of your best work, clean, distractions removed, etc. to qualify. Thank you! 

Cutoff Dates:

Click here to see entries

  • January 1st (2023)

  • April 1st (2022)

  • July 1st (2022)

  • October 1st (2022)

Good luck!


Fellow photographers, models, stylist, and the general public are the judges each quarter.

Voting will begin after the cutoff date. Voting will end the day before the new quarter begins. For example, on April 2nd voting begins for the Spring quarter and will end on June 30th.

Winners will be announced on the1st of each quarter (Jan, April, July, and October.)

This contest is sponsored by AITC Magazine!

Submit your work

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