Skyloft F Rental Studio Staff


Frequently asked questions

How does the client reschedule their bookings?

1) Go to the Skyloft F Rental Studio web site. 2) Click on the Log In icon. 3) Create an account using your email address you booked the studio with. 4) Once you sign in, go back to the Log In icon click the arrow and select My Bookings from the drop down menu. 5) Find your booking and reschedule it. Please note: If for some reason their booking is not showing up, you must do it for them within our Skyloft F Google Calendar only manually. Once a booking has been moved manually you always have to book it manually.

How many Membership types do we offer and where is the information?

Go to our web site navigation and select "Site Map" and then click on Memberships. We offer three different types, you can read about pricing and details of each membership type.

What are the steps to rent furniture for a customer, and how and what should we do?

1) The renter will go to our "Resources" page and select the furniture they want for their rental. They must do this at least 8-12-hours before its needed. 2) They will follow the instructions already on the page. 3) They will forward their receipt by email to us at: showing that they have paid for the furniture. 4) Once we see this receipt, we change the title of their booking on our Google Calendar by adding: "Gold Throne Chair" Platinum Member 2-Hour Studio Booking for Lauren Baldwin" for example. This will let the studio assistant what is needed for the rental they are covering. The chair is theirs to use for the duration of their rental. We must make sure the chair is clean (mild soap and a wet rag only. No bleach or harsh chemicals) before and after use. Place chair on the other side of the double doors in Suite G.

What areas of the studio can renters use?

They can use everywhere except our office area. ncluding the front gallery area.

What if the renter is not here at their start time?

  1. If the renter is not here by 15 minutes past their time, call them. Use the number on the calendar.
  2. Ask them for a ETA status if they answer. Or leave a message to remind them of the rental and ask them to call back to let us know their status.
PLEASE NOTE: If you can not get ahold of the renter, you must stay the entire rental as they have rights to the studio even if they use the last 15-30 minutes of their rental time!

How do we know if there is a studio rental balance due?

Any 2-hour rental has been paid in full. Anything else an Invoice was emailed to the customer showing their balance. You can go to Kiosk and see if they have paid it before they arrive. If they say they never received an invoice, contact Jeff ASAP. 410-733-2219 (text or call) Ps. Sometimes I have forgotten to create an invoice. And once they pay for the invoice, I do at times remove it from the kiosk prior to their arrival. I'll try not to do that so you can see if they paid or not.

What if there is damages, equipment or Cyc wall?

Sign into the "Staff" page and click on the Maintenance and Repair link at the top of the page. 1) If its equipment damage, flash tube, modeling light, or mounting block just scroll to the bottom of the page. And then have them pay for the broken item(s) using the links that have identified the part from the vendor right then and there. Make sure they ship it to the studio. 2) If they put a crack or hole in the wall, take a picture of the damage. And ask them how do they want to pay for the damages? Its a flat rate of $250. Then use the Kiosk payment option to collect the repair fee. PLEASE NOTE: You must have walked the Cyc wall with the renter before the renter started using it in order to charge him for the damages. Cantact Jeff ASAP for all Cyc wall damages.

How do I properly open the studio for a renter?

  1. First, you turn on the lights in the front gallery, studio, kitchenette, and dressing room areas.
  2. You turn on both of the TV's in the studio, and dressing room.
  3. You turn on the stereo, then ask Alexa to play Bruno Mars Radio on the Lounge Group.
  4. Burn an air freshener on the half wall in the office.
These steps are shared with you during your onboarding orientation, but if you forget where things are and or how to do something just ask someone using When I Work chat.

Whats the best way to know how things operate here?

The best thing to do is read what the client has access to.

  1. First, they read the terms of use agreement on our web site.
  2. Then read the booking form to get familair.
  3. In short, read our web site. All the rules and resources are there. There is no short cut from reading whats already published about the studio. And don't forget to read whats available on our "Staff" web page.

What should I be doing with the Guard dog Espreso, aka Bubba?

  1. Make sure he has food and water before the renter comes. And check it again before you leave the studio for the day.
  2. Take him out for a walk at least twice during your two-hour rental. More if you are here longer. (Except when its raining, he hates the rain!)

What props can renters use?

Anything that is not nailed down basically they can use or move. Except the motorcycle, no one is to touch it. The rings must be put up by us only, liability reasons. They should notify us ahead of time if they want to use any of them. The swinging ring bench will not be moved unless its for a 4-hour renter or longer. Again, advance notice is needed. If you have not been trained on how to use/hang the rings you are not allowed to touch them.