1st Fridays Networking Events


Want to join us? Click image to get your ticket!

Photographers for 2020, you must have a hard copy ticket or show your ticket on your smart phone.

  • Non-Members: $5/pp or $10/pp at door

  • Members: Free

1st Fridays is a great way to meet folks in the industry, from photographers to videographers, makeup artist, hair stylist, etc,. It is a free event for Models, Stylist, and or Vendors.


There is a charge if you are a photographer, but its free if you are a studio or workshop photographer member.

All proceeds go to the "Featured Models" at the event, and for the snacks and drinks provided during the event.


Photographers that have been to our 1st Fridays, the biggest complaint we get from models is that they never seem to get the pictures from you? Let's fix that since you might not know who you took a picture of that night.

Photographers, please hover over (or click) the slide show to see the upload option. Then upload the images you want to donate to the models. Put your logo on the images. Or use this 1st Fridays Image Uploads button, faster! "This is New!"

All images and videos welcomed:
  • DSLR
  • iPhone
  • Mirrorless
1st Friday of the month industry networking event at Skyloft F since 2014!
  • 2020 Themes for the Months of:
    • February - Sexy Valentines Pisces Season (Sorry, not kid friendly)
    • March -  N/A Out of town shooting, see you in Florida!
    • April - 70's Soul Train
    • May - Cinco de Mayo Kick off
    • June - Prince Gemini Season, Beach Party Swim Suit
    • July - Stars and Stripes
    • August - Summer Fashion - Leo Season
    • September - Back to School, Naughty Student
    • October - Halloween Kickoff
    • November - Fall Fashion
    • December - Holiday Party. 

Models, download the donated images of yourself here!


And models, get email addresses of the photographers. That way you can send group emails with your image or IG profile to remind the photographers to upload, or give you some of the shots from our events.