Terms of Use Agreement

Rev. VII (Jul, 2021)

COVID-19 Updates

As the year 2021 with the COVID-19 Pandemic still with us, we still are following Baltimore City rules as we stay open.

Please note the following outlined items:

  • The steps in the agreement for studio use and visitation must be followed or you will be asked to leave without any refund.

  • There will never be more than 10 people using or visiting our studio at any given time from a single renter.

  • Each person who wishes to enter our studio will have their temperature taken by a forehead thermometer. You will not be able to enter if you are outside of the normal range and risk loosing your deposit. (Check yourself before leaving home. You can reschedule up to one-hour before your studio rental start time.)

People get projects completed and have allot of creative fun in the process here at Skyloft F Rental Studio while working. And we care about that energy level and creativity that goes on in our space, but there are a few rules and legal stuff we have to follow in order to provide you with great service, at a low cost.  


Most people will have no issue with any of this and it all makes complete sense, but if you don’t agree with the following Agreements, please call us ahead of time to avoid us having to deny service, online or at our door.

If you are unfamiliar with our equipment, or new to our studio you must complete an orientation the first 5-minutes of your rental. And please watch the Equipment Training Video which is on our resource page. This can save you and your guest costly repair cost that would be due the day something gets damaged.


In summary, the agreement contents fall into five categories/rules:


1.  The booking customer is responsible for everything that happens during the session without regard to who in the booking customer’s party did something wrong, damaged something, or whatever…the booking customer is responsible and will be charged for the damage. We will collect your drivers license number during booking or scan a copy at your entrance to the studio.


PLEASE NOTE: If any damage is done to the Infinity Wall it is a $250 instant charge, plus $150/hr labor charge until repair work is completed.


2.  The time you book is the time you book.  This includes set up, tear down, and whatever it takes to return the studio to its original, organized, and clean condition.  Please prepare to stop your session and pack up early enough for you to exit the studio at the end of your booked time. Set an alarm on your cell phone to help you remember as a suggestion, so we do not have to charge you the penalty fee. See below, rules and regulations.


3.  Please respect our staff, signage, and other customers at all times.  We respect the craft and you as a customer and work very hard to give you our best.  We expect that minimum amount of respect in return.


4.  We do not provide our renters with our available background paper for free. You may pay to use our paper ($15 or $25 additional fee,) indicated on the booking form. Or you can order it online and ship it to us for your use, or bring your own paper in that you may need for your project in the studio. And please tell your guest: Do not walk across background paper when they are not being photographed on it, or use baby oil and then lay on the paper. This will ensure the paper can last longer for the next guest.


5.  Cancellation Policy.  We have to be strict about our policy and if we did not, we would simply go out of business.  Please understand and know for sure you are committed to your reservation before you make it. You can reschedule your time with us by using the Reschedule Option in our booking system, "Log In" at the ICON on the upper right hand side of the booking form using the email address you booked the studio with initially. You can see and change your bookings as you see fit up to one hour before your start time. But there are NO REFUNDS of your booking deposit.






The Renter hereby accepts and assumes all responsibility for all risks associated with and/or resulting in his/her use of the premises and equipment (THIS INCLUDES ALL PERSONS ASSOCIATED WITH THE RENTER, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO RELEVANT GUESTS, MODELS, ASSISTANTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, FAMILY, OR FRIENDS). 


The Renter freely accepts these risks and agrees to the terms, even if Skyloft F Rental Studio, parent company Martin Studio Photography, or business associates is found to be negligent or in breach of any duty of care or any obligation to the Renter.


The Renter agrees responsibility for any loss (in the amount solely determined by Skyloft F Rental Studio ownership) or damage to the studio; equipment on premises of the business resulting from the Renter’s same (except for normal wear and tear). The Renter agrees to pay the costs of replacement for any such loss or damage within 48 hours of a claim from Skyloft F Rental Studio to the Renter.


Use of Skyloft F Rental Studio and equipment is at Renter’s own risk. Renter hereby waives rights to seek legal redress for mishaps, accidents, and/or loss while on our premises. Renter agrees to leave the studio and adjacent grounds in the same condition, as they were when Renter arrived. Renters are solely responsible for any legal infractions Renter or members of Renter’s party make during the conduct of the scheduled booking, be they in our studio or elsewhere. This includes parking tickets, claims of personal abuse, or all other violation or citations, and legal action resulting from the conduct of the studio booking, taken at whatever time. Renters are solely responsible for the safety and well-being of any models, production assistants, or any other personnel accompanying Renter or engaged by Renter.






  1. Studios must be vacated on time, the time you agreed to when you booked with us. Set-up, breakdown, cleanup, pack-up are all included in the reserved time that was scheduled and agreed to. If a customer continues to stay past their chosen end time they are not welcomed back. We rent to adults who respect our business rules only. Please set an alarm on your cell phone that will signal you when 15 minutes is left in the session. That should help remind you that your rental session is ending and it' time to return the studio to its original condition.

    1. We have the right to refuse additional studio time request from in studio renters for any reason.  

  2. At no time are customers to engage in any kind of unlawful activities while on the premises of Skyloft Galleries.

  3. All customers and related parties must read and take notice of on-site signage, staff instructions, and be kind to all customers.

  4. Any damage incurred to the property of Skyloft F Rental Studio and or Skyloft Galleries by the renter or their guests during the rental due to deliberate, or carelessness, or behavior reasons the customer  will be charged for the damage even if the Renter did not personally damage any property. The Renter is responsible for the entire party that accompanies them. If the credit card on file is not able to be charged for any reason, you hereby authorize other means of collection.

  5. Cancellations, we do not issue deposit refunds. But you may reschedule all the way up to one hour before your requested rental start time. You can reschedule up to three times. 

  6. Please leave the studio as you found it…if cleaning/re-organizing/tuning/adjusting is necessary to return the studio to its original state, you may be charged a $75 cleaning fee. If you are not sure how to leave the studio, ask! Smoking is not permitted inside the facility. However, customers may step outside at any time.

  7. The available equipment provided in the studio is out on the studio floor. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Skyloft F Rental Studio of any missing inventory/equipment before the session starts otherwise the customer could be held liable for any missing equipment/inventory at session end. If you don’t see it, and you need it ask an employee of Skyloft F Rental Studio.

  8. Please also note that Skyloft F Rental Studio is a private space;  please let us know if you are expecting others in your group later on once here.

  9. We do not offer “Event Space” for parties or DJ’s. But professional workshops and seminars are welcomed. 

    1. If you are looking to hold an event please contact: www.Skylofts.net or call 443-791-6699

    2. We do not offer Photo Shoot parties, and no bottles of alcohol to be sold at all during your private rental session.

  10. If there is bad weather predicted please call ahead at least two-hours in advance to your booking start time to see if we are closed. You can reschedule your booking up to 1-hour before your start time. Safety is #1 for our staff, and our customers.

  11. There is a renter Check-in and "check-out" steps. The Check-In are some reminder Q&A located at our Kiosk. The Check-Out step is where the renter and the studio assistant checks the equipment you used and the studio in general to confirm you are leaving it the way you found it. This takes place at the last 5 minutes of your rental.

  12. PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on using our white infinity wall, you must leave your drivers license and a credit card with the studio assistant until you have finished your check-out with the studio assistant. If there is any holes or cracks its a $250 repair charge that must be paid before your exit. Additional charges may be asked for later if the repair is not something we can do within 48 hours. 

  13. If a non-member books the studio as member, we will change you an administration fee of $10. You will be sent an invoice for the proper amount plus the $10 administration fee. This invoice must be paid before your booking date, or you forfeit your booking and your deposit.  Please book properly, if you have any questions before booking please reach out.

  14. In our new space in a multi-business professional building we can not accept music video projects during normal business hours (before 6pm Monday thru Friday.) 

  15. Loud music is prohibited in our space, we do not disturb the other business in our building at any time.



This document can change at any time, so check the revision date above.





Thank you,


The Skyloft F Rental Studio Management Team