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Skyloft F Studio Rental Bookings

Hourly Photography Rental Studio

Studio Rental Rates


$75/Hr - Weekdays (Mon -Thurs)

$85/Hr - Weekends (Fri - Sun)


Hours of Operation


9am - 10pm

Monday thru Thursday

7am - 10pm

Friday & Saturday's

7am - 11pm


Studio "Holiday" Hours:

  1. Closed the 4th of July.

  2. Closed Thanksgiving Day

  3. Closed Christmas Eve 

  4. Closed Christmas Day

  5. Closed New Years Eve 

  6. Closed New Years Day

Review our rules

We can not support music video productions where playing live instruments are used any longer. Lip syncing and air guitars are welcomed on weekends ONLY.


And please NO Shooting "inside" our hallways! Shoot inside the studio, or outside on our 8-acres.


New building, new rules.

Catch up on all our rules, still a professional creative awesome experience.


Need our Studio Makeup Artist for your booking? 

Visit our resources page, what you are looking for may be a click away!




  • Make sure you select the proper booking option below based on the days of the week. The booking system will show you all days, not just the weekdays, or weekend days. If you make a mistake there will be a balance due when you arrive.

    • Sorry for the manual process.

    • But booking through Peerspace, the calendar based rates are automatic.

  • If you have to reschedule for any reason, please see FAQ#7. And remember, if you don't have a reschedule date in mind just push it out three months or so until you do. Then reschedule again, we want to help you use your deposit or payment and be creative with us! 

THANK YOU ALL for your business, and continuous support. Mad Love!

The entire studio staff.



Studio Bookings: Weekday or Weekend

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