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The Studio

Our Location

Skyloft Rental Studio

1 N. Haven Street #106

Baltimore, MD 21224


  • Review our Studio Membership options for hourly discounts! Click here

  • Join our Loyalty Program, its free and you get 10 points just for joining! Click here

Booking Steps:

  • Review our Terms of use which includes info about COVID-19. Click here.

  • Bookings are done online 24/7 only with a 8-hour minimum notice.

    • Check our calendar first here.​

    • Use your correct email address and phone number so staff members can contact you if needed.​

      • If you are not a Studio Member, DO NOT book as a member. There is an additional $20 admin fee for your mistake!​

      • Use the proper tab to book, Weekday or Weekend. There is an additional $25 admin fee for your mistake!

  • If you are apart of Peerspace you can also book us through that service. ​​


Whats included in your studio rental:

  • Studio lights, modifiers, wireless triggers, cloth backgrounds, and whatever furniture props available.

    • Just bring your camera, lenses, and clients/subjects to shoot. ​

Additional Charges that could occur:

  • Leaving late.​

  • Breaking anything.

  • Damage to the infinity wall. ($500 and up) No, we are not kidding.

  • Booking the studio as a Member, when you are not a Member ($10 additional administration charge.)


The Skyloft F Rental Studio is designed with the creative hobbyist or working professional in mind.  


We want you to come in, and get to work. So the layout and equipment, including backdrops are up and easy to use and available. (Plug it in and go!) We keep it that way so you know what to expect each visit so you can plan your project. The studio has been used for personal and corporate projects from film commercials to capturing stills for furniture catalogs to music videos, and movie scenes in and around our studio.

Please review the "Skyloft F Rental Studio Terms of Use Agreement" here!

Our Amenities

  • Black and White backgrounds are always available.

  • 18' Infinity Wall. (White)

  • All flash lighting equipment included in your rental without additional charge. (Includes modifiers and wireless triggers.)

  • 4+ different shooting areas as options within the studio and you can shoot outside the studio.

  • In studio assistance to help you get started during your rental.

  • HVAC in the studio

  • Bose sound system (Aux cord and blue tooth connection available.)

  • Alexa will play your favorite artist without commercials

  • Makeup area and changing  area

  • Two TV's with Apple TV connection

  • Free parking in our large parking lot.

Studio Tours

We offer two ways to visit the studio prior to your rental when you need a visual of what is here.


Here are some of the images of the equipment you will find in our studio to use.

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