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Professional Photographer
Professional Photographer

Welcome to the

     The f~Stop

This page and event is for Skyloft F Rental Studio Members only!

Let's grow! 

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And the story goes...

Our studio manager Ms.Olethia would like to do more for our loyal studio members and I completely agree. And after running it by two other members Reggie and Dr.Hill it seems the desire to talk shop to increase our knowledge in this photography business has hit some interest.

So let's use the last Saturday of the month to connect from 7pm - 10pm to sit around the table to share tips and tricks, or show lighting techniques while sharing client stories and eating different cuisine and pairing it with some of our favorite wines. We will try not to define this with an agenda but to try to have a free flowing event. This is not a 1st Friday type of event, this is a business connection with each other and our special guest to share skills for growth type of event.

We will send out invitations monthly that will outline whats to be which will include member submitted points of interests as well.


For example: 

  • What business software are you using for accounting?

  • What software are you looking at to streamline your workflow? Or what do you use now?

  • What was the most difficult photo gig you had and why?

  • How are you with your on location or studio lighting?

  • Lets plan a field trip to go check out something of interest?

  • Do you still practice your photography? Or doing things the same way because it works?

  • What lighting technique would you like to try to add to your toolbox for your customers?

And remember to use our Forum page to get things out when you need or want to! Click here.

The last meeting we discussed:

  • Digital Capture Workflows

  • Also bringing a model to our next meeting to go over lighting techniques using the new workflows learned.

    • We will bring in two models, so let us know if you still have interest in this option?

This event is for Skyloft F Rental Studio Members Only and up to two guests. Are you a Bronze, Silver, and Gold member? No?

Think about joining us!  


How about you email us topics you might be interested in ahead of time?

Let's connect.

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