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Skyloft "F" Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I park while at the studio?
    The Highlands Forge Community has its own parking lot in its gated community, and its free.
  • How do I get in the studio the day of my booking?
    If you have trouble finding us please call 443-708-2267. But the building door is open, come in and make your 1st right we are the first suite on the left.
  • Is studio lighting included in the rental?
    Yes, there is no additional charges when you rent the studio. All lights, modifiers, and wireless triggers are included in each rental.
  • Is this a private studio rental? Who else will be using the space?
    Yes, it's a private rental where you and your guest have full access to the studio. (Except the studio office area.)
  • I have a large group, can we come in early say like 15-30 minutes to get started?"
    Sorry no, book the time you need from the time you walk in until you and your guest leave. After your paid time slot is completed, that "is not" the time to pack up and talk to your client! Please plan as needed.
  • Can I bring my own equipment into the studio?
    Yes, use yours or both for your project needs here at the studio.
  • If something happens, can I reschedule or get a refund?"
    There are no refunds with with your deposit, but you can reschedule up to "TWO-HOURS" before your booking start time through the web site. Upper right hand corner you will see "Log In" simply sign up using the booking email address you used to book the studio. Then find your bookings, push your appointment out three months if you don't have a date and start time in mind. Please remind yourself of this new date!!!! When you have a new date and tie in mind, come back in and reschedule it again.
  • Will there be someone there to help me if needed?
    Yes, we have someone available to show you were things are and to help you setup your creative vision while here. We can help you move furniture or setup the lights or unload the car. We want you to be able to come in and get to work asap.
  • If our project is running longer than I planned, can I add time to my rental?"
    Depends, if there is no one right behind you on the schedule we can offer you more studio time in one hour blocks. But if there is another rental client that is starting right when you should be leaving we can not. Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse additional time to anyone/renter, for any reason.
  • What if I don't use all my time I booked?
    There are no refunds for unused time. Book what you think you need from your start time to exit time. Some folks book one hour less, then ask to add more time if their project does end up taking longer. But this option is only available "if" no one is scheduled right behind you. And if the studio assistant can stay in the studio longer. (Our staff can refuse additional time at any time for any reason.)
  • Can we bring outside food into the studio for our production?
    Yes, and we have a few good local options for food on our "Resource" web page you may consider.
  • If needed, do you have extenstion cords we can use?"
    Yes, free of charge. Just hang them back up, or put them back when you are done.
  • Can I walk in for a studio tour?
    Sorry, no! We have two options for studio tours. One is a paid option that you can schedule with the "Non-Member Booking" options. Or you are welcome to come to our once a month networking event "1st Fridays" which takes place the 1st Friday of the month from 8pm - 11pm everymonth. This option is free.
  • Printing in house, do I have to pay the "Photographers Printing Hub" charge if I am renting the studio already?"
    No, during your studio rental you can print in-house. Just pay for the prints you created. Studio member or a non-member, still free if you are already in the studio for a rental.
  • Print media, what types do you carry?"
    We always stock glossy, lustre, matte, and canvas either in cut sheet or roll papers. If you have a particular project in mind, contact us to see if we have what you need at anytime.
  • Will there be someone available to answer questions if needed?
    Yes, you will have support to help you print out your project. That is one of the big reasons we have folks schedule their printing time here.
  • I use Nations Photo Lab, what do you offer they don't?"
    We use and love Nations Photo Lab too. Our printing option is for the person or photographer who enjoys printing it themselves. Or they may need a print quickly. We could never compete with such a large print house, not trying to either. We create this option for the photographer.
  • Where are your print prices, and or products?"
    Just click on PrintShop once you have signed in to the web site. We have listed a few print sizes but since we use roll paper and we have a 24" wide printer we offer many print output options. In such cases, get a quote as we sell printing by the square inch.
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