Terms of Use Agreement

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to see what you need to read if you have not already, so you can use our facility!

Invoices, please pay today

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 to pay outstanding invoices.

Unless other arrangements have been made.

Need More time?

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Skyloft F Rental Studio - Check In 

Please set an alarm on your cell phone 15 minutes before your Booking Stop Time.
 Checking-In also means you have read and agree to our "Terms of Use Agreement " and all the rules of the studio.
And we do take  visitors 
temperatures due to COVID-19

Please hand the studio assistant your ID and Credit/Debit card for studio use. 

How many people are going to be in our studio with you?
Ask the assistant to confirm there is no damages you need to be aware of? (ex.Infinity wall damage starts at $250.)
There is no photography or video projects being filmed or captured inside of our building hallways. Thank you for understanding.
Please pay your invoice "before" studio use, if applies?
Do you agree not to drag anything across our white floors? If you need help lifting anything you will ask an assistant for help?
You completely agree and understand that leaving late, and or if any damages are discovered to the equipment or walls by you or any of your guests will result in you paying for it before you leave?
We know you read our studio use agreement. But just in case you missed this one. Please do not bring or use outside speakers to play music on.

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