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Need Copies made?Send us your PDF files.

​There are many options for a broad range of projects, free quote given. 
Share your PDF, and we'll send you a quote.

  • Full Color, or Black and White Copies.

    • Laser (24, 32,60, 80 lb options)

    • Gloss Text (32 Ib)

    • Matte Cover (100 Ib)

    • Water Resistant (7.7Mil)

  • Single-Sided or Double Sided

  • Document Sizes: 

    • 8.5 x 11​ in

    • 11 x 17 in

  • Blueprints or Engineering Sizes:

    • 18 x 24 in

    • 24 x 36 in

    • 36 x 48 in


Great example, resent quote:

Need a Presentations for that professional look clients love?  Get a full color, with 32 lb laser paper, double-sided, coiled bound, 8.5in x 11in for $8.89/ea.


Document Copies / Drawings / Flyers / Manuals

Uploading more than one PDF, or rather use another method?

Simply use your Google Drive or WeTransfer link to the folder you have the final prepared files in and email them to us with instructions, so we can give you a quote at: 

Thank you in advance,

The Staff
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