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Skyloft F Staff Training Resource

Before we start know that this is a training resource page to help you succeed with our customers. You will be randomly tested on some this material, and the information on this web site by the studio manager randomly.

The below training videos are for you to watch and understand "How-To." So when our customers asks us questions each and everyone that works in our studio speaks the same language. 


Image Editing

Image Editing

Image Editing
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Image Size and Resolution Explained (correction at 1:05 and fixed video in the description)

Image Size and Resolution Explained (correction at 1:05 and fixed video in the description)

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6 things you SHOULD be doing when EDITING PHOTOS

6 things you SHOULD be doing when EDITING PHOTOS

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High-End Skin Retouching & Sculpting in Photoshop

High-End Skin Retouching & Sculpting in Photoshop

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Walk-Ins​ Sunday and Mondays 12pm - 3pm Starting "September 4th, 2022"

Let's take this from studio setup to customer experience.


Photographers, assume nothing and please watch the videos below in order so we are on the same page with this business and with your skills in photography.

Also, learn about the PhaseOne 645DF camera system with IQ40 back by clicking here.


Photographers Execution:

  • Retrieve the camera case, put it on the white cart.  Then pull out the PhaseOne camera with either the 150mm for headshots, or the 55mm for family or portrait shots.

  • Place the camera on the camera stand and lock it down. Replace all batteries in the camera on Sundays to avoid camera performance issues!!! Grab the laptop and place it on the camera stand as well.

  • Connect power to the laptop and connect the camera to the laptop. Then startup the laptop, and open CaptureOne. Once open, create a new Session and name it MSP_ClientsName_Thatdaysdate. For example, "MSP_Markeda_072022"

  • Confirm camera is connected and controlled by CaptureOne. 

  • Place a pocket wizard on the camera.

  • Setup the lights in the "645 Template" turn on the lights you decided to use and their pocket wizards.

  • Turn on the 32" portable, mirror the laptop computer to the portable 32" TV so the client can watch the images.

  • Use the grey cards/color target to test light exposure while setting color balance. Setting up your lights for exposure and white balance "before" the client arrives is key!

Studio Assistant Execution:

  1. Set the studio up in the normal fashion for renters with TV's on and music playing. (And it may be already done from earlier renters.)

  2. Confirm customer Sign-In sheet for the day is printed out before customers arrive for "First come, First served" Family shots, Headshot, or Passport photos.

  3. Open Finder on your computer and navigate to the Skyloft F Cloud to add/setup that days folder: 

    • SkyloftFCloud > MSPPrivate > Photography_Walk_Ins > Create new folder with today's date. 

  4. Open CaptureOne on your laptop.


Once a client arrives: 

  1. Studio Assistant, please create a folder inside the Dated folder that you created already (step 3 above) using the clients name for the photographer on the cloud. The photographer will create a new session in CaptureOne inside that clients folder.

  2. Photographer, naming CaptureOne sessions is as follows: MSP_ClientsName_todaysdate. Example: MSP_Maddy_072522

  3. Photographer, then open "capture pilot" in CaptureOne, set the server name to that of the clients. Do this so the client can find view the images and make their selection after their photography service on the Kiosk.

  4. Studio Assistant, once the photographer creates the clients Session, open "Capture Pilot" app on the Kiosk for the clients selection process.

  5. Studio Assistant, on the computer with CaptureOne open browse to that clients session. You will be able to see the clients "Starred" selection so you can edit and print out their images. Export their selection as a TIFF file format so you can edit and print their selection.

  6. Studio Assistant, after printing the clients image selection, export all clients image files in CaptureOne to prepare them for upload.

  7. The owner will update and email the clients image gallery within 24-hours using the email address they used to sign into the studio.